Allright, I've been playing for 6 or so months now, and i feel iv outgrown my little 14W Ibanez Amp.

I've got a budget of around $600 NZ so that leaves me with 3 choices

Vox AD30VT

Vox AC30 *i think, no effects, only reverb, second hand*

Peavey Studio Pro 112

Roland Cube 30

I mostly play metal; Metallica, Megadeth and Sabbath but also rock like Van Halen and The White Stripes.

In Short I'd like an amp with a good heavy crunch, but a decent clean as well.

Thoughts Anyone?
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If you can get an AC30 for that cheap, be all over that like white on rice. AC30s are legendary amplifiers and generate some great tones. If you don't like the distortion, get a pedal. But seriously, the AC30, for that much money, is the best score of all of them.
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