hey everyone

recently i have decided to attempt to learn some bass. i have absolutly no idea what im doing lol.

my main question is, when playing, how do you know where each number fret is? because when i try to play i have to keep watching where my hands are. is there a way to teach myself how to make myself better at this? or does it just come with playing for a while.
it comes with playing for a while my friend, but right now, use the dots, there all odd numbers until the 12th fret, that should help
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if you touch nothing its is called "Open" noted as a "0" in tablature.

you place your finger behind the fret. so naturally the very first palce u can place your finger is fret "1"

and it'll simply coem with practice.

I can play without looking simply by the feel of the guitar. It's all about getting to know it.

and lets me say good job on picking up the bass. I hope you enjoy it!
Stick with it.

...and remember, Everyone starts at rock bottom. Go slow. Do it right the first time then you will not have to relearn a bad technique.
e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------
i put small black dots on the side of the fretboard so when im standing and playing i can look down quickly and know where im at
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wow.....i didnt even see those lol. thanks u guys.

im starting with the white stripes - 7 nation army. it seems simple enough.

my friend is telling me to learn christmas songs and things like that. im not sure if that helps but he said it helped him. then again he plays a normal guitar not a bass.

btw im learning on a regular guitar for now until i buy my bass.