My budget has been lowered for an amp, so Whats better for playing metal? Roland Cube 60 + pedal or VOX AD50VT + pedal? I want the tone to be clear, and the amp to work well with emg's. From what I understand, the cube is a modeling solid state, and the vox is a hybrid. If anyone has any suggestions for a different amp in this range, tell me. And Which pedal is the best for clear but high gain distortion?

Also, Is the quality of distortion/overdrive better if it's coming from a good pedal, or from the amp itself?
note emgs sound best in guitars that have mahogany bodies and they also shine through tube amps aswell (from what ive heard). though i heard the cube would do better metal and the vox do classic rock.
I will show you something different from either
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the vox is a lot more heavily geared towards classic rock esque distortion.
not meaning you cant do anything but classic rock, but a Plexi model will only sound so metal.
i dont know from experience what a cube is like, but the vox is very well rounded.
it has very good cleans and if you tweak it right you can get very good distortion from it also, but its like making a lion race. why not just use a cheetah?