Divine Constelation,
(that's) Spun of Immortal web.
Rejoice my friends, Rejoice my friends,
The stars have told me all!

The burning
The burning question,
"What does our future hold?"
(To Alexendria whence I came).
The Solstice is open.
a gift from infinity.
Golden promises,
luscious hearth.
Rejoice my friends, Rejoice.

But the fool knows what the saint has seen,
no salvation's impending.
(Something has gone horribly wrong!)

Oh, Moon-Oh, Sun, what have you done?
Dragged and bound,
Sent to the grave,
All the hopes betrayed.
Let the flood swell
Let it sink through.
The talking, the burning,
Let it run through
Let the fires quell!

So lament my friends,
Lament my friends!
The stars have told me all.
Lament my friends.
Let fires quell,
Let the flood swell
Lament, my friends,

Please, if you would, criticize. I want to see what people think about it.
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I like it man. It reminds me of Coheed and Cammbria and a little bit like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd....What kind of music do you want to set it to?
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It's supposed to be sorta' The Fall of Troy-esque, I guess, as well as using some of the influences teamzaius mentioned, with maybe a tinge of Dillinger Esc PLan. A peaceful, ambient intro to to Coheed Sounding guitar for the first two verses. In the middle stanza, it's a quiet, but dissonant sounding transition to a more violent sounding ending, comprised of Dillinger Escape Plan and Fall of Troy. I apologize if that's sort of arrogant sounding, but it's what it is. Thanks, though, teamzaius.