Hey i have the caspersens secret fetish song he tremolo picks very fast but i wanna know which part (the time of it would be helpful) has the 44.6 notes per second
umm its when it speeds up in the last section.... umm ill listen 2 it again n post u the exact time
i think its at about 2.29.... Not entirely sure, cant count to 44.6 in a second easily......Its between 2.29 and the end of the song which is about 10 more seconds..
this song is sped up, hence the 44 notes per second is not legitimate.
who are you to wave your finger......
Why should it matter anyway? It sounds like crap.

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None of it's 44nps.

It wasnt measured right.

How fast is it?
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guinnes measured all the notes even the dirty notes so that's why it came to 44.6 nps !!!
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you do realise that he reached 44nps for 1/5th of a second. So technically its not 44nps, had he played that for 1 sec it WOULD have been 44nps
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