I know mostly what scales are and i have tried to learn about modes. In my mind i always thought that Scales and Modes were completely different things (kinda like modes were scales but they were just called modes). I have just finished learning the Lydian mode but i was looking around and i have heard people mention about how you can use the Lydian mode with the Harmonic Minor scale and stuff like that. How do you use a mode with the notes of a scale? Wont the notes not fit in the Harmonic Minor scale if your using the Lydian Mode? Im kinda confused.

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Lydian mode is a major mode but it's not part of the major or the minor scales (confusing) , it's just a mode by it's own.
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^ That goes onto modes of the harmonic and melodic minor. Im still learning alot of it, but its pretty advanced stuff.

Not to patronise, its actually not, should you understand how the modes of the major scale are formed.

Take the harmonic minor scale. Take an easy key (A minor for example...just to be original). Say you were to start that scale on it's 2nd degree. Figure out the intervals from the root when you do that, WHAM, 2nd mode of harmonic minor. Repeat.

Its no different to the major scale, they just have different names... (because they're different scales).

Threadstarter, your question is entirely justified. The people saying that you can use the lydian mode with the harmonic minor scale are either completely wrong, OR, they are simply suggesting playing one scale over a progression or riff based in another.

Like some people might play a diminished scale over a major riff - its not against the rules, but be aware it might sound pretty nasty!

On the other hand, they may have meant there were other lydian modes constructed from other scales...which i guess is sort of true, if "lydian" is really a category. Basically, refer to logz link.