I love Outkast, and long have I loved Outkast.

What are some of your favorite songs by Outkast?

I say my very favorites are :

So fresh and so clean
Hey Ya
Rosa Parks
Bombs over Baghdad
Mrs. Jackson
The whole word
The first song I ever learnt on guitar was by them (Hey Ya!). Just G,C,D,E chords.

But no, I don't like the music.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hey Ya is such a good tune. I haven't really heard a lot of their stuff though, just that and uh, Ms Jackson. They're cool tracks though.
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I don't have any of their albums, but I do like Roses... Such a catchy tune
They kick ass. All their albums are worth getting, although i think Speakerboxxx/The Love Below was their weakest effort so far. There's a new record coming in August, apparently a soundtrack to a movie they're making. I wasn't really impressed by the sample on their website though. But still i'm curious to hear the rest.

Some of my favorite songs:

Funky Ride
Rosa Parks
So Fresh, So Clean
Hey Ya
Jazzy Belle
Crumblin' Erb
so fresh so clean, ms jackson, and hey ya

from daylight...
...into darkness
I don't generally like any Outkast songs. Most of them are pretty annoying
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Washburn Lyon- (my mate)- Maverick
Fender Acoustic- (my brother)- Lou
and my favorite

Selmer Hummingbird
Reference 54 Alto Saxophone (my baby)- Apollo
I kind of find them annoying. Just my opinion though.

EDIT: , I just resaid what the guy above me did pretty much.
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they have some pretty cool songs, and that's it. not really into them
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they're one of the top groups of any genre today. hey ya is an incredible song, and their actual rap songs are phenomenal as well. i'm quite glad they are not splitting up.
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I play the thing to So Fresh, So Clean everytime I play my keyboard.