I thought the idea of a floyd rose was to lock the strings to tension so they wouldn't go out of tune.
If thats the case then whis it when you have a bigsby type bar they recomend a roller bridge and graphite nut, both of which let the strings slide around, to improve tuning stability?
It seems to work, but why?
bigsby arent meant to do huge divebombs are they. also if they were to get caught in the nut they could get de-tuned
yeh but they have to be balanced dont they with spring tension working against string tension to get the bridge full parallel against the body. say if you had a normal nut with a floyd rose and it gets de-tuned half a step due to strings getting caught in the nut so that means your springs have more tension than the strings making the bridge not go flat against the body. also the use of a locking nut is to stop the strings from stretching further.
well since bigsbys dont really do stretch out strings that much if you were to have a rolling nut the string can also slide easily then if you were to have a normal nut. so that can rule out strings getting caught in the nut and getting de-tuned
When you do a dive or a pull on the bar you are making the strings slide across the saddles and the nut; and if it doesn't slide back; your guitar is out of tune.