Would a P90 pickup in a stratocaster copy not sound right? I know they are mainly used in les pauls, but I was wondering if they would still sound good in stratocasters.
i don't think it would matter, im guessing the wood in your guitar isnt strat quality (no offence) and it would sound different if you fitted a real strat with a p90. What wood is the guitar made out of?
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If your guitar is made of crappy wood, then changing pickups would be useless, and a waste of money.
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Im not sure, it's a 1970's Aria, I can't seem to find any info about it, when I opened it seemed to dark for alder, maybe it's basswood or mahogany?
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go for it - alder and mahogany are good woods and bass wood is decent so you should manage to get a good sound if you fit it with a p90. Just make sure it isn't made of plywood haha
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