Ok I wont be getting a second guitar anytime soon but im starting to look at some models. Right now im lookin at the jackson rr3 rhoads and the kvx10 king v. I haven't treid either one yet but I plan to pretty soon. I know that the king v would probaly need a pickup change but other than that it seems pretty good. Most of what I play is metal like metallica, pantera, megadeth, shadows fall, iron maiden. The amp I use is a line 6 spider 2 112. So which guitar would be better for me and is their really and big differences between the two?
neither you should probably get a new better amp. the main difference i see between the two is the body shape
No thats alright I no a lot of people hate this amp but it works for me. Are they bad guitars or anything?
RR3. Better pups. Now has a much better trem and you can play it sitting down. Plus it looks so much better than a king v. :P
I myself prefer King V, but I'd still take the RR3. They need to make a KV in that series.
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its a personal choice, either you hate the rr3 shape or u like it. personally i jus got a rr3 and i highly recomened it.
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