Sorry for doing this to you lot, but I would also like some advice on a rig!

It will be my first electric setup, I have been playing acoustic for a year now. I will almost exclusively be playing metal (especially death/grind and black). I've narrowed down my options, would like opinions on any of them or on gear I could have overlooked!

Guitar: budget- about £200, want- humbuckers, no trem
Ibanez GAX75
Epiphone G310
Jackson JS30-DKT (not sure about finding this left-handed)

Amp: budget- £40-70, 15watts is fine as I will be living in college next year
Roland Cube 15
Marshall MG15CD

Pedal: budget- £30-60
Ibanez DS7
Boss DS1 or DS2
Digi-Tech Death metal (is this worth the extra money??)

Any help much appreciated!
You might want to give a bugger about that those pedals, increase your amp budget to 200, and lower the guitar budget to 150.

Edit: Since the amp is the main source of your sound, and you can get a decent guitar for 150.

Edit 2: And you don't really need pedals so early on, especially with so tight a budget.
Thanks guys, the Ibanez rg321mh looks great, although getting anything like that left handed will probably be difficult.

guitarforever<3 - I think at the minute I would rather spend my full budget on the guitar. In college next year I would be practicing in my room and probably using headphones a lot - also the music room has a couple of bigger amps that I could use if I wanted too. I would look to buy a better amp after leaving college, when sound would be more important. Is it not better to need to upgrade an amp than a guitar?

Thanks for the help!
Well, if you wanna become a serious hobbyist, or a serious player, you will be upgrading both in the future anyway. But if you've got amps there that you can borrow, You might as well spend more on the guitar
Quote by azn_guitarist25
get a roland cube and see if you can get a rg321mh

My thoughts exactly
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Yeah being left-handed seriously stops you from going into most shops and being able to just play - I tend to take a right hander with me so I can at least hear what models sound like. I will forget about pedals for a bit, possibly ask for one as a birthday present, seems like the Roland is the consensus amp! Thanks a lot.
i wouldn't get a jackson the cheap ones suck but schecter makes a damn good guitar for around $400 i'd go for one with seymours just dont get a bolt on
Quote by DeathMetal18
i wouldn't get a jackson the cheap ones suck but schecter makes a damn good guitar for around $400 i'd go for one with seymours just dont get a bolt on

whats wrong with a bolt on
Axe: All three of those suck. Especially the JS30. Yesssh.

Amp: Cube 15 > > > > > MG15

Pedal: You don't need one if you get the Cube.
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There's nothing wrong with bolt ons. Hell, there are $2000 American Stratocasters with bolt on necks!! You can't possibly say those suck!! And yah, being left handed is going to seriously dimish what you can choose from. Sorry.
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the digitech death metal is nothing special at all.
i would reccommend HIGHLY that you buy a digitech DF-7 distorion factory, as you get every type of distortion ever made in the one pedal.
it costs more but youll never be displeased with your distortion

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Since it's your first electric... Forget about distortion. Forget pedals.

So your budget, then, is £300-£330.

I'd say, get the Orange Crush10 for about £50. It's a damn fine little amp. If you want a little more power, the Crush15 goes for about £75.

As for guitar...

There's the ESP LTD Viper 50 for £245 at GAK.
There's the Yamaha RGX1215 Left Handed. It's a super-strat configuration, very Ibanez-looking body, goes for £179.
Epiphone do their G400 in left handed, for £239.

For Metal, I can't really see many other guitars... GAK has a decent selection, but £200 is not a lot to spend on a guitar, and even less to spend on a left hander.
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Excellent guidance! Yes im looking to spend £300ish, I think im going to get the cube which will set me back £60 and that leaves me just about enough to stretch to an Epiphone G400, ESP LTD EC-50 or ESP LTD Viper-50. Am I correct in noting that there is no difference between the ESP's besides body wood (Basswood or Agathis)?

I think I would lean towards an ESP, and if the two woods offer no real difference, probably the EC-50.