which guitarist fromt he red hot chili peppers is the best one in your opinion:
Hillel Slovak John Frusciante or Dave Navaro. I would go with john he made me want to play guitar.
I would say john too, he was inspirational.........
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john frusciante without a doubt...he is a god ( to me personally)

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Navarro had no soul when he played with RHCP
John slightly beats out Hillel, but it seemed like Hillel was constantly overshadowed by Flea when they were together
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yes, I can safely say it was John
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i must say john pulled it off way better than the others but, i am a big fan of navarro
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no not really
its obviously john
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Someone might get uptight about this thread seeing as there is an Only RHCP thread, and that it could be taken as a VS thread...

On topic:
I would have to choose John. Navarro is a great guitarist but he didn't fit in with the peppers the greatest. And Hillel was also an amazing player. It's a shame he died, he had insane potential
as much as i like frusciante, hillel really created the chili's sound so i think he deserves it the most
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obviously i'd have to agree with the masses and say frusciante. buuutttt! i dont think navarro(sp?) was nearly as bad as people think...one hot minute is an excellent album and i think some of the guitar is pretty rad.
John Frusciante.
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John Frusciante > Hillel Slovak > Dave Navarro

Dave was a poor fit for the Chilis. Bland and uninspired.