hi all,

was listening to itunes this morning and this song came on and i got the bright idea to do a quick cover of it. not crazy about the way the choruses came out but i am pretty happy with the verses. thought maybe a few of you had some time to kick it around and let me know what you think. thanks ahead of time - rock on.


The Chorus is a litter weaker than the verse, your voice sounds like your holding back at the begginning then it gets better on the second verse, one thing i learned about singing from my coach is a LOT has to do with confidence, you gotta really put your voice out there, dont hold back to try to hit some of the notes (unless ur trying to go falsetto or something which u rarely hear aaron do) the last verse (screaming) was there as far as notes, your voice is squealing at the top so just bring the volume down a tad, but the guitar was pretty good only one missed note i heard not bad though for a quick one time acoustic recording, i think what might help is if you recorded seperate tracks, but sounds pretty good dude
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this is one of my fav acoustic songs and u did
a nice job it sounds good 2 me nothing 2 crit....
just show ur real voice dont hold back
I absolutely hate this man [aaron lewis is not a good singer, and for burgeoning singers he is not a good influence] and everything he's done. Staind sucks almost as much as Nickelback. (good start, followed by restepping the same boring ground and sound like 9 times)

However that wasn't a bad cover, sans the vocals being purdy shaky. Especially in the first chorus. WAY out of tune. I like the vocal tips that guy pointed out... if you want more tips go read the singing thread in the Musician forum (I don't want to type them out again, they're so loonng). I'd say... OPEN your mouth a bit if I had to give you one tip.

I guess the major point is, you need polish as a singer (I'm not afraid to admit I need polish in the realm of guitar). After you master some more of the technical skill you can really get artistic. I would not sing for a band with what I have just now heard.

Another thing... that fret buzzing you get would be reduced if your fingers were more in the middle of the frets as opposed to on the outsides.
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hey thanks for all the tips guys. i totally agree about my voice, when i feel comfortable (example: as the song went along!) i sound a lot better. the chorus is where i held back the most. it really is all about confidence. i will definitely work on that as well as the 'buzzing' strings. i appreciate your crits - thanks again

singing is a shaky, but i think you can get better with more practice.
I think you play the chords open in the verses, i know they are power chords, here ill try to illustrate.


I think that lil might add a little more to the song.
How can u not have confidence sitting in your room recording? Try singing in front of 1000 people, then u need confidence.
If you cant sing confidently by yourself with no one around... then you've got a LOT to learn, and hopefully u learn quick.
Work to live, not live to work.
Sorry dont mean to be harsh but come on dont give an excuse that u were scared to sing, singing is suppose to be from inside, you have to let it out, a part of you that isnt normally seen, at least a singer with passion and emotion should do that.
So try it, and people will notice, and dont be scared, worst thing that happens is it sounds like crap and you keep practicing. But dont just sing like whatever and think all of a sudden it will come to you. The day you say '**** what anyone thinks' and you put some feeling into it, will be a good day. And im not saying this wont happen, cuz i do hope it happens for you.
Work to live, not live to work.
unborn, its about being nervous for the recording wanting it to sound perfect, its not about being like oh someone might hear this, sometimes your thinking i have to hit every note, and you try so hard, u dont get it, u fall short, or not even close, you need to be confident in your singing abilities to record successfully, its not just about being able to sing in front of people, any vocal coach will tell you that, i know what youtr saying about emotion in passion, but you have to be confident in order to get those things to come out, if your not confident, youll be afraid to really let the emotion out.. = all rooting back to confidence even in recording in a private room
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Ya your right, I was the same way when i started, I guess it comes with time and practice when u say screw it this is what i want
Work to live, not live to work.