So I was checking out some guitars in the shops today, played a lot of fixed bridge guitars (an Epi, a Schecter, a Fernandes). Then I came home and played my RG1570, and it seemed like the strings were a lot more 'flappy' than the guitars i played in the stores. So my tremolo picking is much worse and ive got less grip on the strings with my pick. I tuned it to Drop D last week and I remember that it was even flappier then, so back to E std now. So I was wondering, this is probably a problem of tension in the strings right?

What can I do against this?
Buy thicker strings? (I have 009s right now)
Adjust one of the springs in the back of my Edge pro floating trem?

The thing is, i cant remember really having this problem before (until the last weeks), and ive had my RG for about a year now.

Any help is greatly appreciated

(ps. hope this is in the right category)
Smaller strings tend to be more "flexible." If you were trying out a whole bunch of guitars with 10s installed, you will notice the 9s being considerably softer.

I believe RG's are generally intended for 9s, so changing string gauge will also mean adjusting intonation, action, neck relief etc. But if you were to do so, installing bigger strings will indeed give you more string tension and more punch.

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