I made this as my first GCSE music composition, and I'm very pleased with it I'd just like to see what other people think of it. The drums seem to get a bit out of time when the snare roll comes in, but if you just press pause and then play again it seems to sort itself out.

GP4, GP5 and MIDI files in attachment.

Music composition 2.zip
I gave the composition a listen. I like the intro parts where it is the solo guitar. You were right about the drums though a little out of time, but, I have been drumming for like 8 years (only been playing guitar for like 6 months) and its hard to get drums in an electronic program to be perfect unless you have a lot of time to sit and tweak every little detail, but it was really close, it was off by just like a 32nd note or something, I liked it though!!!!
I enjoyed that thoroughly, my friend. Keap at it! It reminded me of Opeth a great deal. You should work on a longer solo, other than that, I think this is perfect the way it is.
That was great, I liked that a lot and loved the solo.

In interest to the Music GCSE course, what does it actually involve? Did you have to record all the parts as a project to hand in, or was this midi handed in?
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Thanks for all the comments so far, I'll get around to listening to and commenting on yours soon.

About the music GCSE - You have to hand in the score in notation form, or do a very detailed description of it. Later we're performing them, but I don't think that's part of the course.