Sup guys,

So I need help with a new paint job on my godin!

^ There she is.

So I'm tired with this red, it looks liek ketchup (catsup, how ever yo uspell it) in the sun and maroon in the dark. I hate it.

So I decided to go with a new paint job, I'm wanting to put some sort of design on it.

Currently I have:

"AZN PRIDE" In a courier new font on top of a white color coat goes across the upper section of the body.

"POPTARTS!" Basically the whole body will be a poptart.

"SPLATTASTC!" Yeah, a mult-colored splatter.

"BURST" A burst, colors haven't been decided yet, possibly red-white.

" .... Yeah actually that's it.

So I need help with expanding my ideas, and in a couple days I'll put all hte ideas I like into a poll and add an other button if anyone doesn't like all of them.

So guys Lets get some ideas here!!

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That's a really nice flame there, but I'm too lazy to cover glue veneers all around my guitar.
Route out a hole in it, then stick in a poptart and then fill the hole with resin, so you'll have a big inlayed poptart IN 3D!
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You're painting a Godin?


But I think a red to white burst would be sexy. I know Jackson does it.

EDIT: I tried looking in their website, but little success. But it is in the 2003 catalouge.
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Or have contrasting binding on a solid color...so nice.
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Hey. How do you like the Godin? How much did you buy it for? I have a Godin Freeway Classic too. Its the trans-blue one with flamed maple body. Its hot. Its a very nice guitar for a good price dont you think? And its got that nice acoustic pickup setting.
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You're painting a Godin?


But I think a red to white burst would be sexy. I know Jackson does it.

EDIT: I tried looking in their website, but little success. But it is in the 2003 catalouge.

That would be pretty hott. Maybe red to black would be cool too.
wow guys, I'm loving these ideas.

I think I'll add the splat paint job, and the burst jsut maybe different colors.

Btw, I love my godin, really versatile, holds tuning well, and I sanded down my neck and it's just as fast as any jackson/ibanez, with the lowest action EVER! Yeah, I switched out the humbuckers for a jb/jazz (sounds great in it btw) and kept the godin sc which is great btw. Overall I love it, I'm jsut tired of hearing people bitching about the color which I'm starting to ahte myself.
yea i love my godin too. How did you get the action lowered? Bridge adjustment? New nut? Truss Rod adjustment? How? Also, how much did you get yours for because I hear that some people bought theres for almost twice of what i got it for.
Im likeing the idea of the poptart ALOT!

the splat ideas maybe a bit unoriginal
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I got mine for 350, apparently msrp is $700 and some places are trying to sell tehm for that price. I lowered the saddles as low as I coudl go before the strings started choking on the frets.
Yea i got mine for the same price. $350. Now they are so freaking expensive though. The normal price is like $600-700 now which is crazy. I could probably sell it used for more money than i bought it for, but I wont because I love it and have barely found a guitar that feels better than it. The only one I have found is the PRS McCarty, which is why im probably going to buy it when I find a good price.

EDIT: sorry, im a bit of a newb at modding/changing things on the guitar, so what part of the bridge are the saddles? Are they the things held on by springs that have the little 2 wrench holes on each that lower the string? And also, how much can you lower it without getting fret buzz?
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Yeah, that's right. And there's no standard on how low it will go, depending on if the truss rod is set up properly, and if the frets are properly set you can go pretty low, basically I for the lowest action, juet lower it until you start getting fret buzz, and none of the frets are choked.

I was about to buy a 600 dollar freeway classic til I found out there was a guitar that was out on the rack in the store that had a teeny little dent that I was able to get for 350.
Ohhh. I got my freeway classic brand new for $350. Godin is a bit unrealiable in some aspects. They said they were shipping it one week, they didnt ship it for like 2 more months though. Also it didnt come with tremelo bar screws, which I recently emailed them for and they got them to me. But other than that its great.

Is yours not a Freeway Classic? Is it a Detour?
Freeway classic, hm I think I sorta hijacked my thread.

So anyone want to submit some ideas on burst color schemes?
ok, sry. lol

Cool Colors: (I know it may be hard to do some because my examples are on flamed maple, but heres some)

(The colors that are cool off of there are: amber, dark cherry sunburst, mccarty tobacco sunburst, violin amber, violin amber burst.)
You could always swirl it, might take a while though but patience makes a great guitar.

Anyway, a burst? I'd go for something contrasting. Or maybe a vibrant purple and navy-ish blue, and whenever you apply the finish/buff, etc. it'll shine soooooooooo sexy.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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