Yeah it sucks when your trying to listen to music or something. All I do is hit refresh till it changes.
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You're a retard, read Scourges posts. There is already a system folder, why do I need a system32.
Yeah, there is already a thread like this, and this shouldn't be in the electric guitar forum.
What about that banner advertizing smileys that screams "Hellooooooooo!" everytime you run your mouse over it? It's especially pleasing when that happens at 2AM and wakes up everybody in the house.

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turn sound down at 2am maybe?
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how....did you find that wiki article?
youre a weird one tjdjr09

or use headphones
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That's the thing... I forget to turn it down because I don't expect to be listening to any sounds and then BOOM! Headshot!

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i think im the only person never to have seen or heard this cat banner thing
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Dammit, beaten to it, and by someone with the same name

CURSE YOU TOMMYT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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