so i have a gibson les paul dc faded w/ p90's and the p90s buzz a lot more than i would like.

so, i can think of 2 options to go about fixing this.

1. buy a noise supressor/ noise gate

or 2. get stacked p90's.

which one do you think would benifit me more in my situation?

and if you reccomend one, an example would be nice

and do the stacked p90's sound like regular p90's and eliminate the hum?

thanks in advance,

someone was asking about the noise cancelling p-90's before, p-100's or something. basically I think the deal with them is they're like a permanently coil-tapped humbucker; that is to say there are two sets of coils like a humbucker, but only one is active and the other is just there to cancel out the hum. I have little experience with P-90's, but I doubt they would sound the same. it would be close, but you might just be better off with a noise gate.
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you can get scatterwound p90s that cut buzz right down
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You could also take some time properly shielding your guitar's cavity. If you do some google searches, you should be able to find info on how to *properly* shield and rewire your guitar's pots to dramatically reduce hum.
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