I've got an Aria STG series, with three single coils and I'm looking to upgrade pickups. I want a heavier sound, something with humbuckers. I just wanted opinons on what kind to get.

I'm in a Thrice-style band, kind of post-hardcore. I've got a Line 6 duoverb head with a Behringer ultrastack cab.

Did you want actual full-sized humbuckers or did you want to retain the original single coil look? Or did you want an Ibanez-type H-S-H mod?
Hi, I'm Peter
I like the idea of an Ibanez-type H-S-H. I'm going to be getting a new pickguard and everything, I just dont' know what kind/brand of humbucker to get. I also don't know what kind of singlecoil to get if I did go H-S-H, because right now the pickups I have are really bad quality.
You don't have to get single coil. You can get a stacked humbucker for your mid position. I have an American Standard Strat I modded to H-S-H with 2 Paul Reed Smith pickups and a DiMarzio Chopper. That thing is a beast. And the Chopper balances tonally and output-wise very well with the 2 full size pickups.
Hi, I'm Peter
Whats your spending limit?
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Thanks guys, but what about EMGs? Also, whats the difference between active and passive? Thanks.