EC-1000 VB (Deluxe) & Eclipse-II VB (Standard)...can someone tell me why is the price difference between these two 1000$? What's so better in Eclipse that costs 1000$ more?
As far as I can tell the flamed maple top and 2 extra frets, as well as the Earvana nut on the Deluxes. Theres the Gotoh bridge as well. Ebony is also a bit more expensive than rosewood for the fretboard.

That and some kind of better worksmanship in their too hopefully.

Also, be aware that the listed price on their website isn't the price they actually go for 97% of the time (eg: for everything else than new Mesa Boogies)
in addition to what selj said, the esp one is japanese-built, while the ltd is korean.
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the LTD ECs are made in Korea, arent the ESP (with ESP on teh headstock) Eclipse and Eclipse 2s made in America or is it Japan?
yep all esp's are made in japan and then only a selected few are destined for american markets. also your paying for a case with the standards.