and i'm about to pee my pants i'm so excited. so tell me, how much am i gonna love this amp? and should i stick with my boss turbo o/d, or seek out a tube screamer?

also, what are companies that make blank guitar bodies? i know of warmoth and that's it.
Any Boogie is a great amp, as long as you've thought about the styles you like to play and you think it's going to suit those styles. I've had my Mark IV for 7-8 years now and I haven't even changed the tubes in it
Hi, I'm Peter
why do people say that boogies aren't plug-and-play? that they take a lot of knob tweaking to get the best sound out of it?
Because they do. For example, my Mark IV has 3 channels. The lead channel alone has 7 knobs that effect it: Treble, Bass, Mid, Drive, Gain, Presence, Level. Three of those knobs are push-pull for further tone shaping. It also has a master 5 band graphic EQ that's footswitchable. Also, Boogie tone knobs are treble-centric, so that treble adjustments make the largest difference in your sound.
Hi, I'm Peter