does anyone know the impedance (sp?) of this head? Im stuck between this and the MG100hdfx (i know, its an MG, but its not a tube amp, its a solid state, and for the money, its not bad as far as solid states go, although the ibanez is actually cheaper) and any opinions on which is nicer looking? (i lyk things to look cool on stage ( iplay a lot of calssic rock and also alot of chilis just incase that influences your decision))
They're both crap, you don't need a stack/halfstack. Get a nice 50-watt all-tube Traynor and you're set.

If looks is all that matters to you, you deserve an MG.
get a good tube combo, or save up for a good tube halfstack. What you play and the tone youre looking for should be affect 100% of your amplifier choice. Looks shoudl be bonus, and not integral. SEriously look into a good combo and buy an overdrive pedal of sorts to shape your higher gain tones. If tube maintainance scares you, and you are sold on solid state amps, just get the combos opposed to a head/cab. If you ever decide to upgrade the head, and use it with the cab, itll sound ****ty, i fyou decide to upgrade the cab and use the SS head, itll sound crappy. So there is no point for getting a possibly upgradable head/cab (halfstack) unit. Dont waste youre money, and dont be caught up in the aesthetic of using a halfstack, its overated./

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to be fair, people are always saying about tube amps. Call me stupid, call me crazy, hey, even call unworthy of being a guitar player but i personally prefer the sound of a solid state, i have played on tubes, i have a friend with a JCM800 and i just seem to prefer solid state.

so anyone know the impedence of the ibanez head?

EDIT: and does anyone know a shop in London (or Romford/chelmsford, the area around there) which would have one of these in stock.
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