I have heard many bad things about behringer pedals, and behringer themselves, but the harmony-central reviews for the T0-800 and EQ-700 seem awesome, and i have heard that a magazine did a comparison between them and their more expensive counterparts, and they were almost identical,

Has anyone experienced these pedals? Im not looking for people going "behringer are crap" and thats it, please only give good advice, if you have actually used the pedals in question, not say the DM100. The reviews for these 2 pedals seem to stand out, and the tube overdrive's price went up by £11 recently due to its popularity.

Are they any good? Im looking to give the cleans on my vox valvetronix a bit of a bluesy SVR type kick, and i want my solos to stand out, be clearer, warmer and richer. would these pedals make this possible? (i am only interested in these, i cant afford anything else, so alternatives are pointless)


EDIT: oh and i have a vintage les paul copy if that helps, because i read on some of the pedals that when using humbuckers, clipping occurs. what is clipping?