I've been looking for a HEAVY distortion pedal..

its either going to be a Boss metal zone or a Digitech Metal master.

Im not going to think about the digitech death metal pedal because i herd the metal master one is WAY better.
Get the Line 6 Uber Metal.
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METAL MASTER, man its worth it trust me i have one.
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i have that orange boss distortion pedal, and the digitech metal master. the boss is a total peice of ****. i absolutely HATE the sound of that pedal. its way to muddy sounding for my liking. but the metal master is an awesome pedal. that pedal most certainly is not a ripoff in any way. it's totally worth the $80.00 price tag. i'd go with the digitech bro
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I love my Metal Zone, that all i got to say.
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it seems to be splt down the middle... im getting 2 pedals, the synth wah and one of thoes distortions. I think im going to go with teh metal master. Ill check back in a sec to see if there are any more posts
i played the demos of the pedals and the boss website and the digitech website... and i like the digitech one better.
I prefer the Boss one because DigiTech likes to use Amp Modeling in there distortions for some reason, and I hate that.

But go to a Guitar Center, try both out, and see what you like if your having such a hard choice. Or if money isnt a problem and you own a tube amp, maybe think about a retubing with rectifier tubes and a new gain knob, but that can be a little pricey.
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BOSS metal zone.
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