Hi, lately i've been thinking of buying a standard if i could find a cheap used one on ebay.

However, i've come across a sg special + a fender hot rod deluxe amp, and i was getting one of those. It sells for just under 1,000. Now, i was wondering if thats a good deal? I won't post link here, i hope you understand, im just afraid someone here will buy it before me.

Anyway, whats the difference between the special and the standard? According to the gibson website, the only differeneces is the pickups and the fact that the standard comes with a case. Is this the only differences??? Thanks

Edit: Oh, and i just noticed the tuners are schallers on the standard, while it only says green key on the special.
Yeah I have a specail.. it's alright I haven't played a standard though.. The tuners do kinda suck on the specail but I don't really have any comparison
well I own a sg standard and my buddy owns a special. the standard comes with hella better pickups a better finish on the wood and it sounds alot nicer. If your semi new you should probably go with the special but the standard just has alot more time put into it. My friend prefers my giutar over the special but hes really experienced.
Okay. I would be upgrading the pickups and the tuners anyway, so if all the rest is the same, im game

Edit: Well the pups would of course make a big difference. I can't see how else they would sound differently? They don't use different quality woods do they? Anyway, i actually like the finish of the specials better than on the standards
aside from the pickups, the standard has a much better finish, and is somewhat heavier , it also has the fancy trapezoidal pearl inlays (rather than dot) and the little Gibson Flower logo thing and it says SG on the truss rod and the word gibson is a pearl inlay not painted on... it's basically just a beauty-queen version of the special

I have a special
special: pick ups sound different.
The tuning on the standard is increadibly accurate and the finish is smoother.
Gibson SG 04'
Lol, i just looked at the musiciansfriend site, and they say that the special has multilayered mahogny... And they only cost 300 less^^ Rip off..

Edit: 200 less lol. Better finish, wood material, inlays, and so on.. .for only 200 more. easy. Its too bad though, coz 900 for such an amp and guitar seemed like a good deal

EDIT2: And we're on board again It says the standard is multilayered as well lol. Sorry for being a total noob. I think im gonna go with the special and the fender amp
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I ike the Standard.The neck on the Special is WAAAAAAAAAAY to thick. I DETEST IT! But the Standard is nice. Not worth the money though, there are much better out there.
for a standard price, get a les paul

and theres nothing wrong with the special, I just really wish there was a tremolo bar