Lately, when sitting down trying to make up a song, I've had absolutely no luck when trying to create a good guitar part. I was wondering if anyone could offer tips on how they make their own? I'm having trouble keeping a similar sound, when I go through all of these guitar parts that I've made, it sounds like you just listened to eight different bands.
I can't give any advice really. What happens with me is that i get a good riff in my head, it just happens, and i sit down and figure it out on guitar. this almost always happens after midnight.
Honestly, I couldn't begin to describe where my creativity comes from. It just...happens. I'll just start playing something, and as I keep playing it, it grows into the finished song. Whether it's just starting from a riff or chord progression, it keeps growing until I feel that it's finished.

If I sat down with the determination of "I'm going to write an awesome song right now, I couldn't do it. I would just have horrible writer's block.

However, when I sit down and just start playing and I'm relaxed, the creative juices flow. Sometimes I'll have three or four good sounding songs done in one practice session. Sometimes I just have a simple riff. Either way, it sounds original and is my own work.

As for your style, you just haven't found it yet. Keep playing, play different stuff, and you'll find your style. You don't have to make something sound like a certain genre. Think of the elements that you like about different bands. Take those elements and add your own to them. Play with the sound, and as you play, you'll tweak the sound here and there. Over time, you'll develop it into your own sound.
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well experiment to get your creative side going, use unusual tones, different distortion settings, different amps, fx, a different guitar even, then jus riff around for a bit and youll be amazed what you come up with. if that fails then youll simply have to keep writing as many as possible, no matter how plaigaristic or crappy, theyll get better and better.
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Hey, I have this same Problem sometimes, and i think i can help. If you have a program that lets yor make dum loops, make a random drum loop that you have no idea what it sounds like, and then jam out the VERY first thkng that comes to mind and then work of that. If you have a bass improv a bass line first then the guitar then lead. It works well for me hope it helps!
This probably won't help much, but what I do is just pick up my guitar and screw around with it.(Sometimes while in front of the tv, commercials can sometimes give good inspiration )
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the problem is your trying to force yourself to write something. thats why you are having your problem.

it happens when you don't expect it.

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this works for me. pick a random song of a style you like listen to one part ONE TIME. and from what you heard play a similar rythym, then that will grow. listen to another similar song ONE TIME and do the same. so on and so forth. then add em' all up!
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