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...thats sort of a mix of panic at the disco and green day, but im up for tryin new stuff. any ideas?
chiodos... best band ever
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what about chevelle? if u have ever herd of them
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both green day and PATD suck real bad


Just start listening to something differnt that stuff sucks.
Yes, if you like Creed
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Green day have to be one of the biggest emo bands in the world (and I still love them). Which do you lot think is there most emo song 'coz me and my friend can't decide lol
man im new at this, i cant read what u guys say unless i say something, it doesnt show up
but i use this site all the time to get cords and tabs i just signed up today.

ok i got it ppl dont like double posting do they..
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gahhh so many newbs, it's making my brain implode.

chevelle are not "hard" by the way, let's just get that straight first.

but before this thread gets closed i think you would probably like the academy is. it's generic pop rock but i guess it's what your after.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
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stop double posting n00b

try Say Anything

yeah Say Anything you'll probably like them
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