I've got a few questions what gives a scale its name like the C scale, also what is 1st position 5th position etc....?
Also what are the most important chords for a person to memorize? I have A - G and have about half of the 7th chords memorized.
i dont know **** about scales. but the position refers to where your index finger is. If it is at the 4th fret, you are in the 4th position. And as far as chords go, dont bother trying to figure out with ones are important or not. Just pick songs you want to learn, learn them, and you will figure out with chords you use often.
to start with, learning chords in songs you play like he said^ is a good way to go, but in the long run its better to have a library of chords under your belt than a library of songs. in my opinion at least.

the note of a scale (C) refers to its tonal center. if nothing else it helps to know what sounds consonant with what.
the name of a scale is its root note, or bottom/top note, and the main. example:

concert c scale: c d e f g a b c

make sense?
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but the position refers to where your index finger is.

Actually it is the fret below where your middle finger naturally falls, which is usually your index but not always.