I'm in the market for a new ax, and I was looking at these two guitars:
Epi Firebird
Yamaha RGX320 .

I play pretty much everything, I'm just looking a for a new sound/feel. Give me your opinions on both, and on which one I should buy.
I think the Firebird looks sick, so Id say that. Maybe a pickup switch could get you a better tone if you dont like it, but based on looks alone, I love the Firebird.
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I have the Yamaha RGX320FZ! its awesome! It stays in tune so well and the stock pickups are great! It'll last you a long time before you make any adjustments.
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oh wow i didnt even know epi made the firebird copy.. ohhhhh now im regretting spending 300 on clothes haha i really want that now. oh well maybe ill just save up a for a gibson firebird, because ive been wanting one of those or an explorer.
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I have the Yamaha RGX320FZ! its awesome!

How's it play, I've never played one. Give me a comparison, like compare it to how a Gibson plays (fat and meaty), Ibanez (insanely fast and thin) or a Fender (kinda in the middle).
Well... the neck is average but a little more to the thin side and the action is perfect (well for me) its low but not really low. It has a warm sound to it. I would rather have my Yamaha to a $1000 Gibson, the pickups are not too bad either. Too bad I got mine for $579 The Tune-o-Matic bridge is awesome, it doesnt have those sharp edges like some guitars have so its nice and comfortable. Its a bit heavy so you get sore after a bit. You need strap locks because the straps will just not stay on (unless you get a levi's)
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if your going to get a firebird get the firebird VII, otherwise its just a meatier SG, if you go for the VII, then that gets my tip of the hat, whereas the Studio gets my wag of the finger

Why? I liked the Studio.
go for the firebird......it looks so much cooler and teh yamaha looks like its made for metal.......but i wouldnt kno ive never played it before......but the firebird plays nice for only like 400