Ok I was wondering if I had to have a Washburn or Dean to install the Bill Lawrence l500xl pup?

also... im guessing it is active for the red and black wires, my guitar has passive pups already in it, so is there a way i can hook up a battery in there with it?

just want info on this before i take it to the shop

mind the lack of knowledge :P
You can put any pickup in any guitar as long as it fits. Bill lawrence pickups are passive too I think so don't worry about batteries. The shop would tell you if you need to do something anyways so don't worry.
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you can put that in any guitar, and it's passive. the red wire is likely the hot lead, and the black one is likely the ground.
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i installed one on my guitar bout a month ago and now it rips.lot of highs with a nice chunka-licous tone
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