hey whats the best rock/heavyblues/ little bit of metal tube amp i can get for 700

EDIT: lol
sorry 700 dollars and wil be loud enough to play in shows
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i have a similar question.....check our the "15watt tube choices" thread
Musicians Friend sells the HotRod Deville for 750USD. I have a Deluxe, the step down from a deville, and I play all kind of blues, classic rock, even some vintage crunchy sounding lo-fi rock. Go to a store with your axe, plug into a few, and see which ones sound best for what you wish to use.
The Hughes and Kettner 20th anniv all tube combo would work. I went to a local guitar shop and 2 guys from H&K brought in that amp and the switchblade that day. I was surprised at how big the 20watt combo was. Not only was it loud but it was roughly the size of a 40w hot rod deluxe. The amp was $650 when I saw it.
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