So, I've bought a guitar from a friend, a 2001 strat. Had it for about a year, but ive never replaced all the strings at once - just one at a time when they brake. I decided to replace all of them tonight. I'm not sure what guage strings he used, but I'm pretty sure they were .09. So I bought a pack of D'Addario 9 guage, took off the old strings, and tied the new ones on and whatnot. Tried tuning up, then ran into a problem:

Know how on floating bridges, if a string (especially one of the outside ones) breaks, the whole bridge goes out of whack with the opposite string going flat and the one right next to the broken string goes sharp (Like if bridge was |, it would go to / if the high E broke) (not as dramatic movement). Anyway, when I was tuning up, i went slowly to the proper tunings to make sure i didnt break a string. I put all the strings on at once, with them all flabby and untuned, and tried doing them at the same time (ie going up a little on low E and moving on to the A, etc). However, when I got close to the proper tuning, I noticed the strings were really tight for 9 gauges and the bridge seemed to be a whole lot further up than it usually was. I panicked, cause I only had one pack of strings, and detuned down to make sure the strings didn't break. Even if I went on and something didnt break, every time I got close to the right tuning on, say, the high e, the low e would go flat and vice versa.

What the hell do I do to make sure it doesn't break / everything works okay?
everything will be fine. u need to adjust the back trem cavity springs and screws.

the new strings are pulling on the bridge a little harder and its lifting up.

in that case, detune then, tighten the trem screws to level out the bridge again.
if u need even more help then u add a spring or two.

just get the bridge level and it will tune for u.

example of 2 screws and 5 springs. u adjust these until ur bridge is level.

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