TheHeartbreaker talks about them a lot, as well as some others, but i have no clue who they are?...

They were a band with Alvin Lee on guitar. They had at least one hit with "Change the World". And at Woodstock they performed a song Going Home (I think that's the name) and Alvin played pretty fast and it impressed a lot of people.
Yeah, I mention them a lot because they're an awesome band and one of my favorites.

Alvin Lee is both a very underrated guitarist and vocalist, and while most people are very impressed with his performance at Woodstock (which I was blown away by the first time I watched), you can see his talents in other live concerts such as Live at the Fillmore East and Ten Years After Recorded Live.

Alvin is known for his speed, but less known by those who aren't as big as fans for his great ability to produce catchy riffs. If you listen to his music you'll find some really "addictive" licks like those from "Love Like a Man", "Good Morning Little School Girl", "I'm Going Home", and many others. Alvin is also claimed by many as being the king of extended soloing.

I was reading interwiews of him once. He wasn't a big fan of school, and often got in trouble. Growing up, his teachers and principal told him that his guitar would do him no good in life (how wrong they were). Rather than pay attention in class, he had a piece of wood that was modelled after the first few frets of a guitar neck/fret board so that he could practice chord shapes in class.

Sometimes the band is called Alvin Lee and Ten Years After. Knowing who Alvin Lee is, I'll introduce you to the rest of the band - Leo Lyons on bass, Ric Lee on drums, and Chick Churchill on keyboards.

Alvin Lee pretty much did all of the bands writing, and before going solo this can be best seen in the album A Space in Time on which their hit "I'd Love to Change the World" was on.

The albums I own by Ten Years After are Live at the Fillmore East, Ten Years After Recorded Live, Cricklewood Green, Ssssh, and A Space in Time. My dad said he owned more, but sold them believing they would be remastered (and they never were :sad.

I recommend the live albums over the studio so that you can get a better feel of the band and a better idea of Alvin's extended soloing (most of their live stuff spans from four minutes to twenty minutes). Of course, that's not to say that the studio versions are bad - they are almost always magnificent. The only complaints I have about some of them aren't even the fault of the band, but rather that of the "music people" who originally thought they were a joke.

Well, that's a little tid-bit on one of my favorite, most underrated, and in my opinion, best bands that the world has ever seen.

Now Ten Years After tours with a different "frontman", and Alvin is solo. I'd love to see them reunite sometime to see them live.

Here's a video of one of my favorite songs, "Bad Scene", off of the Ssssh album. Enjoy (no extended soloing on this one, sorry).


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