I play moslty metal (like trivium, avenged sevenfold, metalica,and guns n roses) but i would still like an amp that has a good clean channel that will allow me to play nice and warm open cords. i have an epi les paul with ZW EMG's(81,85). Right now i have a line six spider 2 30W so i know almost anything will be better but; I would like a tube amp which is also a combo. i have found two that seem pretty good, mesa boogie F-30 and Marshall DSL401. i'm not to sure if my local guitar store has either of these amps so going out and trying them my be a bit difficult but i would like to hear your guyz's imput before i try.
I have three quetions...

Which of those two amps will be able to achive the sounds i want?
What are the advantages/ disadvantages to each of them.
and is there another tube amp that you guyz could suggest that is a combo and still in that price range( like $1000 canadian or $900 american)
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not to sound stupid but do combos sound as good as tubes?

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F-30 would be pretty awsome with a ZW. But your cleans are gunna suck without maybe a 60(or w/e it is) in the neck.
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I think the F-30 would give you better cleans, and probably handle most of the bands you mentioned pretty well (I have a mesa currently and I love it, so I might be a little biased). Mesas are very well built amps though and usually quite good so I would reccomend that one, but as always the best way to answer your question would be try both of them out. Good luck!
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