So I need new tuners for my Squier Strat. I've narrowed it down to Grover or Schaller locking tuners. I'm leaning toward the Grovers cause they're cheaper. Do I need to do any drilling or fitting for either brand of tuners to fit in my Squier neck and which brand should I go for?
why waste good money on such a not so good guitar?
I would save up for a new guitar instead.

But if you still want me to give you advice then go with the grovers
I've already put in new pickups and am intending to keep this guitar, but thx for the advice. Do grover tuners need any drilling or spacing to fit into a strat neck?
No i don't think they should need drilling just screwing. But if your not so sure then you should check some of the Fender tuners designed by Schaller since all Fender parts are pretty muich universal with all their other guitars and parts including squiers. Just make sure you get an In-line set and not the 3 on each side.
ive got locking grovers on my SZ320 and love them. defentally go for those. and you might have to do some drilling for the screw that holds the tuner to the headstock, i had to for my SZ.