My friend found this great song on limewire or something, but we can't figure out what it is called or who it is by. It starts with an acoustic thing, then there is a heavy riff with a lead line. One of the riffs in the intro goes:

That is dropped down 1/2 step.

One of the lines in the second verse is "No remorse, time will tell and take its course." Yes, I tried googling it.

The song sounds like something Metallica would do.

Thank's for the help.
It's not Metallica because it's "No remorse, no regrets....." and old Metallica is in standard tuning.
And justice for all maybe?
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yeah Manditory's demo was really good. The Wanderer is a great song as well as Killjoy Roy. I had high expectations for this band, but from the samples I heard of Lend Me Your Ears, this will not be in the thrash veins I had hoped it would be and rather mediocre.
hey guys, found yalls topic. and just wanted to give you a heads up. LEND ME YOUR EARS the Album has been released. it is avaliable on


there is also a myspace site you can go to

there are clips from the album there

thanks for supporting us

ah now i remember this band....
back before St. Anger was released everyone was trying so hard to find if it leaked
so someone renamed a manditory song and called it "Metallica - St. Anger"
a little publicity stunt eh??
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