hey guys i was wondering what happened to the cover contest results...the deadline being today at midnight i did my cover but cant find anything about it??? what's goin on!?!?!

anyways i guess ill post my acoustic version of all the small things.....only thing i have to say about it is that i did it in like 30 minutes so its pretty rough but i think i put a relatively good twist on the song! vox could be better...but you know...looking forward to hearing some other peoples covers!

All the Small Things (acoustic)
^^ Yah I couldnt find it either for my stay together for the kids, whatever though. I really like what you did with the guitar intro, and the guitar, and like the vocals. Great job 9/10
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I like the guitar, and for some reson the guitar part sounds better than Blink's own.


Vocals seem a bit... forced? Meh, dunno how to explain it. They work alreet though.

Eh!? i posted my cover in the thread on friday on time, was the first one there and now its gone?! wats happened then? anywayz heres the cover, im a one man and i play drums guitar and bass and i did all this, drums are played on a real kit and its me! all good stuff check out the vocals to because they rock!!


Great guitar! Vox wasn't that great... You sounded tired. 7/10


I think the guitar sounded out of tune or something like that... :S But the guitar and stuff you add'ed were awesome. The chorus was great! Good vox! 8/10


Sorry, I didn't like the vox. The guitar was perfect though. 5/10

I know i'm not the judge, just wanted to give my view.
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All the Small Things: Pretty sweet, albeit it all too often just sounds too weak. 8/10

Stay Together For the Kids: Pretty dissapointing. The flow keeps getting disrupted between the main riff and the verse, and the chorus is just too weak when its fundamental strength is supposed to be overwhelming power. The end was, I suppose, creative in intent, but it didn't really turn out too well (to me at least). 6.5/10

The Rock Show: Heh, you sound like you're drunk XD Anyways, good guitar, and the vocals aren't too bad. 7.5/10
Overall i like all three covers in here but dude...All the Small things was amazing, seriously dude that was wicked good i agree with the dude who said it sounded better than blink cuz it did right on dude it was perfect.
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a bunch of people dropped out and a bunch of people said they were so i deleted it.
^ Lol. So I guess it's a competition between these three? Or are there more?
There is barely anyone even taking interest anymore.. lol
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ok, well this sucks then;

Here's mine, its Man Overboard

- for STFTK: it was meh, i thought it was too slow, the vocals were meh, i dunno it wasn't too tight together. I thought the guitar was out tune, and then i dunno, the timing just didnt do too well with me. And sorry, but i didnt like the ending at all. I give it a 5.5/10

- for The Rock Show: the music and instruments were great, except i didnt like the vocals. so, i'd give it a 6.5/10

- All the Small Things: it was pretty cool overall, but seemed it was missing on something tho, i dunno. It wasn't perfect, so i give it an 8/10.

Feel free (and please do) to check mine and crit it.
Pinholes, I like your rendition of Man Overboard. Musically, it's pretty great, though vocally, it lacks - much in the same manner as the Rock Show cover.
yea, well, thats all i had, because my mic isn't too good and it kept buzzing from me, but the instruments turned out better, cuz i had recorded them earlier when i had the good mics at home. I might take another shot at the vocals when i get my mic back tho.
pinholes the instruments definitely rock, and the vocals arent as bad as they say
I cant believe you think my vocals suck haha :p its okay i do all my stuff in so little time i deserve it
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Work to live, not live to work.
i didn't say they suck. normally i like your vocals, maybe its just how the song went i guess. it was kind of weird for some reason listening to your cover cuz of the timing and stuff.

Good luck on canadian idol
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^ Hey, there's still RHCP and GD contests...

Hopefully those turn out with more than just a few ppl actually carrying through with their participation.
yea thats true...hmm....i think i got around too late with rhcp though a lot of my favorite songs are taken.....well poo