what do you think is the ****in hardest song ever,and the easiest.mine is

Flight of the Wounded bumble bee-Nuno Bettencourt

brain stew-greenday
Hardest: Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne (past the intro is pretty hard)

Easiest: Judy Is A Punk-The Ramones
Alot of people think Nuno is playing that fast. I forget what he used to speed it up. He's still an amazing player though.

Easiest-Ain't No Nice Guy by Motorhead
Hardest-Texas Flood by SRV or Paradise City by GNR(not super hard songs, but long enough to be hard)
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easiest - smells like teen sprit/somethng in the way - nirvana
hardest - paganinis 5th caprice - vai, appregios from hell - malmsteen, technical difficulties - paul gilbert

hard-dance of eternity- dream theater
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yea pegganninis 5th capris is kinda tough. The dance of eternity by fream theatre is sweet. I think that song is so f***ing cool, god i love when it goes to that piano thing...god. aw well umm
Something by like vai or something or a classical song of some sort. Cant wait for some one to say master of puppets for te hardest song. Im suprised no one has...

Yea nirvana songs greenday songs are the easiest prolly smoke on the water, ummm zombie by the cranberries is pretty simple.
Not sure on hardest song.
Does that solo that Fred Durst did count as a song?
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Hardest: Technical Difficulties - Paul Gilbert

Easiest: Twinkle Twinkle little star

Easiest Proper song: Brain Stew
Hardest - Speedball: Good 'ol Zakk Wylde
Easiest - Blitzkrieg Bop: The Ramones
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Easiest: Outsider - The Ramones
Hardest: Crazy Train - Osbourne
Smells Like Teen Spirit is hard than most of you make out (the muted notes can be tough for begginers)

Easiest - Probably wild thing or louie louie (same song really)
Hardest - ?? Whatever you can't play at the time.
Hardest: Hangar 18- all the way through-- by Megadeth

Easiest: Anything that would impress a 13-year-old girl.
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Hardest: Hangar 18- all the way through-- by Megadeth

Easiest: Anything that would impress a 13-year-old girl.

Hardest that I've seen tabbed - Bad Horsie maybe?

Easiest - Brain Stew or whatever it is, that green day song with 4 power chords that goes dum dum, dum dum, dum dum, dum dum dum dum etc.

Edit: Only the main riff for Smoke on the Water is really easy, the solo's not exactly beginner material.