Today i went up to guitar center and bought some Schaller straplocks for my guitar. These straplocks seem to be great, dont come loose...but the problem i have is that when i flip my guitar around my shoulder, the strap rubs against my neck, now i have a big strap burn on my neck. I was wondering if there some sort of technique or something i could do so that it didnt rub against my neck?
no not really just tuff it out, but you can try lifting the guitar slightly , so theres no pressure on your shoulder when you flip it
put a bandana around your neck, it looks cool, too.
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put a bandana around your neck, it looks cool, too.

He's right. Eddie Van Halen turned into this cool, sexy beast with a bandana around his neck.
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it's true
haha im fat i dont think a bandana would fit around my neck...haha jk... and what are stap materials...like try using different brands of straps?
wear a collared shirt, maybe a hoodie

it happens dude, especially when youre first starting out
Why do you have to flip your guitat in the first place???
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