Can someone explain the pros/cons of these two heads please? Does the Mesa sound better to justify being more expensive, or is the Randall V2 just as good?
i dont know much. but i know randall and mesa are both high gain. id say the mesa, just b/c its a mesa.
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Mesa= Gods Randall= Solid State...
So i wouldn't touch a Randall if it isn't a MTS, 'cause this one doesn't look bad since it's tubes
One misconception many many guys follow on this site is tube=good, SS=bad.

Don't follow the trend guys. You more than likely know very little/have very little experience on the topic.

I, myself, am a tube guy, but that doesn't mean they are the end all to an amp situation. SS have their good points too.

It is up to the buyer. Tone is very very subjective.
I cannot get a good lead tone out of a Mesa Rectifier. They have brutal rhythm tones, but the lead doesn't sing like it's supposed to, at least not for me. As for the V2, I know nothing about it.
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