I have been trying to grow my fingernails out for awhile now and im just to the point where i can almost use them but the other day i went out and got my some of the Metal Slip-on finger things and i can play fine with out them but with them it was a complete mess i couldn?t do a thing so my question is will it be the same for me with my fingernails grown out?
You dont need to grow your nails. USE YOUR FINGERS! Using your nails makes the overall sound weak. Use your fingers.
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I like the sound of my Fingers i like it alot but im just trying new stuff to kinda?broaden my horizon if you will
Fingernails are a hell of a lot easier to get used to than actual finger picks. I hate them. It drastically changes the contact point with the string so i usually end up string the string below the one I am trying to. I grow my fingernails out because it gives a crisper sound. Then when they break I am still able to use just fingers.
With Fingernails there are somethings to consider.
First off there is a difference in tone you would produce, a BIG difference. But a VARIETY of tone can be acheived from mearly SHAPING your nail in such a way were you can go from either full on nail or finger, to a subtle mixture of the two. As for one poster's claim of a weak sound, that would just be a confusion of terms. Bright, or ponticello would be a better term to describe such, as with playing with nails and near the bridge would give the bright tone, while plain fingers playing toward the fretboard would a darker, tasto sound.
Most of the great finger pickers use nails. They may seem "different," and a little akward at first, but if you want to be good at guitar, you just need a little bit of dedication to get through the "oh my gosh this is weird," stage. I had the same feeling too, but now I cant play when I don't have fingernails (like when I rip one and have to cut them all off) its well worth it my friend, just keep on playing
fingernails rule.

Your tone becomes crisper and it opens up new techniques to you. I find it easier to play faster stuff, because you need a light touch with fingernails, as you don't really need to pluck hard.

Yeah it may seem weird at first to have long nails - but as you get into fingerstyle you'll grow to appreciate them.