I've been in the market for a compressor/sustainer for a little while and I think I've decided on the Boss CS-3. I want to combine it with the BD-2 I already have for blues and after trying that on the interactive effects board thingy, I've found that it produces the sound I'm looking for exactley. I, of course, don't trust the computer to be completely accurate as they probably used a $1000000 amp to record the samples and I have a $30 amp.

If you have one of these pedals, what can you tell me about it? How much did you pay? Where did you get it? What nasty suprises am I in for when using it with my BD-2? What other effects would compliment the setup I already have? How does it compare to other compressor/sustainers such as the Digitech Main Squeeze?
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I've played a CS-3 with a BD-2 in a shop, I can't remember much, but it sounded really nice and tight, that was at mid gain with the Blues Driver.

It sounded really nice and funky when clean, didn't play it at bluesy levels of gain though.

Try one out with a Blues Driver and see what you think.
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