I am in a 5 piece band, with 2 guitarists. One of them is really good, yet the other one is a big pain in the ass. He is good at rhythm, yet it has to be his way. If you tell him to do something, he will curse you out and do it. I am not too fond of kicking him out (also I have no power) and everybody in my band's known him for a long time. He doesn't even write most of the music. He's just a big pain in the ass and I don't want this to escalate because I feel we got good music.

I have absolutely no power because I play bass, but what the hell do I do? I can discuss this with the drummer (a very good friend of mine), but I really don't want him to be kicked out. Or should I?

Act like your drunk and tell him the band kicks him out and see how he reacts, if he is pissed as hell, tomorrow, call him and say you didnt mean it, you were drunk, if not, there ya go.
oh damn im sorta in the same situation except i have ALL the power being the lead guitarist and the one who arranged the band. i had my first band practice today, and the rhythm guitarist was being a pain in the ass. the bassist just totally sucked, but didnt hinder us like the other guitarist did. the drummer and i were trying to be productive but it was hard. but back to the main point. talk to the guy in charge and tell him that something should be done to get the rhythm guitarist working FOR you guys, not to hinder your practice and performance. that **** is SOOOO annoying! just talk to the drummer and see how he feels about the situation.
as far as I see it, you've got four options
1. tell him to quit being a douche
2. talk to the rest of the band about it
3. start writing all of the songs yourself so you can gain some power over the other members
4. buck up and stop bitching
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im guessing you should just put up with it for now, but if it gets worse talk to the other band members about him
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Our drummer (who has known the pain in the ass forever and in charge) already tried to reason with him. It seems he only does what is best for him, not for the band. He is hard to reason with. I already talked to the band, and they simply said we can get by without him. It's just that it's good to have another guitarist, but he is hindering us (along with many other problems that go with being in a band)...


...I do like the drunk idea though...
^ Based on the above if he won't change then your lineup'll have to. Kick him out, you've tried talking to the guy and he's obviously more important than the band.
It seems this problem occurs in many bands; one guy thinks he's better than the other. You have to act like a team. Sport teams don't win ball games by fighting or arguing, they play together as a team and act as one. It's the same with a band; you can't play good if you have someone in the band who does what they please. The way I look at it, if someone can't do their part correctly, then just get rid of them. I hate a## holes who think they're better than someone else, anyway. I'd never keep someone like that in the band. Unless he changes his attitude, in the long run, you're just gonna fall apart.
My band had the same sorta thing with our drummer.
Basically he was a load of crap, wouldn't learn the tunes, and just acted like an arse about it.
Basically we just played without him. If he couldn't play the beats then screw it we just played the song and let him sit there. We had a practice today and invited along a different drummer who's really good and is up for a good old jam (we spent 5-10 minutes with him drumming and me soloing on lead guitar while our singer and bassist watched in amazement) so it's all worked out for the best.
Just say something to the rest of the band about him, as they probably all realise it as well but just don't want to say anything either.
yeah, definitely mention it to the rest of the band, including the guy with the power to fire people, and just say you're concerned that he's not talented or motivated or posotive enough to do this thing properly. see what they say. the main thing is not to get petty and start fighting with the rhythm guy, or you may find yourself both out on your asses.
Yo I had a bassit that was kinda like that so we kicked him out...then the band fell through then the bassit grew up and got his head out of his ass and now I'm doing another band with him. so maybe if you kick this punk out he'll get a much needed dose of reality.
When your asshole guitarist is driving home, have a friend you hired to drive by him and throw a cinder block out the window, through the guitarist window, and into his head. If the head injury doesn't kill him, the car crash will.