hi all,

I have a new Ibanez RG370DX. Out of the box, the action was so low that when you struck any open string, it buzzed and hardly made a sound. Also, if you struck any string while fretting the first few frets, it did the same thing.

As a temporary fix, I have raised the bridge quite a bit so that the strings no longer buzz. The problem is, now the action is uneven--it's super high on the 24th fret and super low on the first fret. It seems like I need to put some kind of spacer under the nut to make the action even all across.

That doesn't make sense to me though, because I can't figure out why the manufacturer would ship a product that needs a spacer under the nut to even be played with proper action. Any ideas on what could be going on with the action/what I should do to make it even?

well, i reckon your action shouldnt be even across the whole neck anyway can you lower your action by little bits until you can get it all even but if its as low as it can go without buzz i dont think you could do anything else as it is a locking nut and well you cant really change string height with that