hey im new to guitar building... and I need help!
I can spend sumwhere between 100-200 dollars.
I do not know wut to buy, wut parts fit into which.
I was thinking about getting a SAGA building kit! Please comment
You're gonna need a lot more than $200 if you're building a good guitar.
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Supposedly saga kits are alright, but I'd advise new pups and electronics. Really, 200 dollars wont' do you poo.
ah! im just trying to build a cheepie guitar... something like at a squire level. Just to pass music class. Playable but not neccesarily awesome. How long does it take to build one? And where can i purchase a saga guitar kit anyway?

It cna take as long as you want, but probably 5 weeks min? Most of it will be the time for the paint to cure, assuming you use lacquer.
in reality 200 bucks gets you no-where really. you can get a brand new guitar for 200 bucks, might not be the best, but you wont get as good of a guitar bu making your own with 200
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I recently bought a Epiphone Les Paul Standard but the tone sucks, is it worth it to replace the pickups? or should I just sell the guitar?