Sorry, but I can't find out which album it's on either. My version of it on windows media player is unalbumed, and the lyrics search that i did for it also doesn't have an album title.
I thought it was on the Coneheads soundtrack
"you hear people say, I don't care if people are black, white, green or purple. Ah come on now, green or purple? you've got to draw the line somewere" - Mitch Headburg.
I think it was recorded for BSSM but left off the album, and it was released on the coneheads soundtrack in early 1993.
i dreamed i saw st. augustine
alive with fiery breath
and i dreamed i was amongst the ones
that put him out to death.
...and on their Greatest Hits, it never made any studio album.
it was purely on the soundtrack for the coneheads and greatest hits. the tracks left off BSSM were castles made of sand and little miss lover, which have now been re-released.
who are you to wave your finger......