What matters more- Having more watts or more speakers, or bigger speakers? or is it something else. I dont get how it all fits into the equation. can someone explain it?
Watts is purely a measure of amp output. The surface area of the speaker cones just affects how much air is being pushed. So therefore, if you hook a 25 watt amp up to a 112 cab, it will SOUND quieter than a 4x12, even though the wattage is the same. However, wattage has more influence on volume(well it depends on the increments involved.) Basically, a 30 watt amp with one speaker will be far louder than a 15 watt with two.

Hope that helped somewhat, I tried my best to slim it down, this stuff gets complicated.
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Well depends on the venue, if its an area (doubt any of us have played in one), more speakers and more watts, if its just a pub gig, then more watts. It just depends on the venue, you don't wanna kill everyone in the pub with a stack, 2x12 combo should be enough, or if ya want a half stack. But just depends on the venue
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wattage refers ONLY to the Electrical power/heat displacement of an amp, not the Volume.

generally speaking a 10" speaker will give you more bass bang for the buck, as far as power usage goes.
^Yeah, wattage is ONLY the amp output. However it has a direct impact on the volume produced, more watts=more volume.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
A 100w amp is 10 times the power of a 10w amp, but only twice as loud.. I think thats the ratio..

A 100w full stack won't be louder than a 2x12, but it will be fuller. More air gets moved, meaning a bigger sound. Instead of a 24 inch speaker area, your getting a 96 inch speaker area.

Bars/pub/coffee shop.. Probally a 30w to 50w 1x12 or 2x12 with an OD

Small local gig (basements, etc) 50w to 100w (not cranked) 2x12 or halfstack

Large gigs (Nokia, HOB, big outdoor gigs) 100w halfstack, mabye full stack

Arena (100,000+ people..Warped Tour, Ozfest, etc.) 100w full stack. Mabye 2.

If your playing for more than 300,000 people, a backline of 5 fullstacks and a halfstack on the side pointed at you should do the trick.

EDIT: These are tube amps.. Don't use a SS amp unless you plan on sounding like crap cranked, or being miced at half output...Not worth it..Just get a tube head and be happy.
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