i was wondering if it was worth modding a possibly ply wood crap guitar.
it look liek a strat and plays of and has zero fret buzz wich is pretty cool.
ill most likely just change electronics and pups and stuff.
ohh and the reason im doing this is i dont wanna take my ibanez to school anymore and the guitars gunna cost liek $50-$100.
I would definitely do it if you have 50 - 100 bucks kicking around. Not only will you get a new feeling and sounding guitar but it's cheap insurance for you good guitar.
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that guitar is made of basswood. assuming you are talking about the ashton
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If it's that cheap it might be a good guitar to take to school, i wouldn't change the pickups till i knew what the wood was, if it's plywood you could mod it, maybe not with expensive pups, but you could turn it into a good guitar to take to school.