Hi, I've started painting pickguards...they look pretty cool and make your guitar look original. Right now I've only done strat guards because that's all I've got, I'm thinking about making this part of my business but I'm not really sure if people would be interested. I also paint and customize full guitars. Check out my website http://moikeguitars.homestead.com/pickguards.html tell me what you think, thanks
they're pretty cool but id much rather spend time practicing then fixing on a new pointless pickguard...

..dont be disheartened tho, i guess its a pretty cool idea
they're pretty cool but problem is it's hard to find one that goes with your guitar
I Like Them Its There Just A Bit Too Much [colour wise] Try And Do Some Less Muddled Designs Maybe?
Not trying to sound negative, but i cant think of any guitar thoes designs go with.

At $68 a guard, thats steep.