I'm having trouble choosing between two guitars as my next guitar....
My first guitar that i learned to play on was the Epiphone Special Model (those cheap low priced beginner guitars that usually come with an amp). I also have an Bass Thunderbird as well but i geuss thats pretty irrevelant. The two guitars im debating over is this G-400 ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-G400-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=518325 ) and this Les Paul ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-Les-Paul-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=518073 )

I want the guitar with a very versatile and wide range of sounds. I listen to a lot of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool etc.. so you could imagine the types of songs i like to play. The G-400 looks really nice with the gold and has 3 humbuckers, but from what i've noticed, the les paul has always been known as a classical favorite , which i don't really care but there is a reason why people love it so much.

Please help me, Let me hear your experiences with these beast.
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SG. I hate Les Pauls, I own a Gibson LP custom and a Gibson SG standard and the SG is my baby. They have very similar sounds to them. It's basically whichever one you like the look of more. I didn't know they made a 3 humbucker Epi SG now. That's pretty awesome. LP's have a bit nicer of a clean but I think the SG has a little more bite to it.. Invest in a really nice amp first man. That's where the difference in sound is..It'd be cool to put 3 EMG's in there, hah. If you can play them before buying so you don't end up with something you don't like. Read some reviews.

well i have an epi sg and my brother has 2 epi les pauls, i personally prefer the sg, it has looser strings and the setup suits me better, it is also lighter and feels better to play for me, but these guitars are completely different and some people will just tend to go for one over the other but you'll have to try them out to see which one will suit you better because it will be you who's playing it.
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The G400 is better, but... must you get an Epi?

I don't know, epiphone's looks aren't too edgey and i like that. What do you recommend under 550?
The les paul looks nicer...but then again...SG's are a little bit better...so go for the SG...
I'd recommend an Ibanez RG321, an LTD EC-400AT, a Hamer Sunburst, an Agile AL-3000, a Schecter C-1 Artist, PRS SE standard, Ibanez S470, Parker PM10, Ibanez SZ520, parker P42, Fender Toronado, Washburn X50 PRO, Peavey HP signature EXP, or a Jackson DKMG.
ok ive decided im either going to go with..
The prs SE custom ( the best PRS under 600?)
The washburn WI64
The Ibanez SZ520
Peavey HP Signature EXP
Ibanez 2005 SZ720FM
Schecter Tempest Custom (best schecter for under 600?)
Or the G-400(original choice) with 3 humbuckers featured in Musiciansfriend.com ( Is that going to make a difference on the tone and sound?)

if you guys have any experiance with these guitars give me your thoughts and suggestions.. i would really appreciate them

I want something versatile ( of course), that can have a mean crunch of distortion but not sloppy without a ridiculous look

I think i might goto guitar center and try a few out..
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you have to go to guitar center to try out the guitars man. trying out guitars is so much fun and you know which one to buy. not all guitars (even the same model) are created equal, so choose carefully. if i had to pick tho, i would buy the ibanez s470. the single coil in there really adds to the versatilty. and having a locking trem is always nice.
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Well Josh Homme from Kyuss and QOTSA plays an Ovation GP (Guitar Paul)... The GP was a very well made Les Paul copy, as opposed to some of the other LP copies made at the time. The originally came in 4 colors. The GP's that Josh uses are a honey burst with what seems to be a flame maple top, a black, and a cherry burst color GP. These guitars either came with DiMarzio Super 2 pickups, or a Korean knockoff pickup. The parts were manufactured by Samick in Korea and assembled in North Carolina.
But the cool thing about Kyuss is that Josh also played through a Bass-amp...
He could get an agile 3500 for that price. That tihng is amazin.
Instead of the Schecter customs, I would look into the Black Jack Series, like the Tempest BlackJack, as they have higher quality Pickups. They are great guitars, very solid and quite gorgeous to look at. As for Ibanez, I would recomend the SZ series, keeping in mind that the higher "numbered" models are mainly more expensive for the aestetics, and not so much quality and features. It seems like you dont want a Locking Trem, so I'll leave it at that. I have no experience with the other guitars.
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the sg is really light and neck heavy but u get use to it ( i own one and i love it)
and the lp is really heavy
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